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Press Release regarding EPA Opinion


For Immediate     Release   

12/10/2013            11:30 a.m.




Mayor Ronald O. Warpness





City Administrator Steven Weaver




Recently it has been reported in the media that the Environmental Protection Agency released an opinion declaring the area surrounding Riverton as “Indian Country.”  This has resulted in a number of calls to City Hall.

It is the city’s position that jurisdictional issues need to be resolved in court.  To date, all court rulings have agreed that the City of Riverton is not on the Wind River Reservation and is not “Indian Country.”

There has been no legal change of status regarding criminal law or civil law in Riverton.  Tax rates and collection methods remain the same, court jurisdictions remain the same, and police authority remains the same throughout Riverton.  Future changes in legal status will only be recognized when issued by a legal court authority with the proper jurisdiction to rule on such matters. 

In sum, there have been no legal changes in Riverton.

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